Why Choose Us?

IoT devices include cameras, lights, locks, HVAC controls, and various sensors. All of these devices must be installed and connected so they can communicate; and configured securely to protect against cyber-crime. Each of these disciplines requires a distinct skill set that requires subject matter expertise and craftsmanship. Flexible IoT Solutions is proficient at installing, connecting, and securing IoT devices and infrastructure.


We take pride in our workmanship and attention to detail.
Whether new construction or retrofitting your existing facility, it’s important that your IoT hardware is installed correctly. We’ll handle all aspects of your installation with our in-house team of craftsmen and IT professionals. Our people take great pride in their work and are committed to doing things the right way. Your project won’t be complete until all hardware is professionally installed and your facility is returned to pristine condition.


Expertise in wireless & wired networking technology.

Each IoT solution requires an enabling infrastructure. Enabling infrastructure refers to the components beyond the “things.” These components make it possible for the “things” to communicate and interact with each other. IoT devices may be connected with wires, or they may use wireless technology. They may be powered by batteries or require line or low voltage cabling. In many cases, they’ll be connected to your network switches, accessed through your firewalls, or pass through your routers. The bottom line is that there is a lot of technology involved, and getting your enabling infrastructure set up and configured correctly is at the heart of successful IoT implementations.


Certified Cybersecurity Specialists

The good news is that your facility is connected to the Internet. The bad news is that the Internet is connected to your facility. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous people that look to do harm by exploiting deficiencies in cybersecurity. IoT devices are a prime target for cybercriminals because they are often installed by people who are good at installing devices, but have little or no experience in cybersecurity. Our cybersecurity team will make sure your devices and enabling infrastructure is set up and maintained to protect you from cybercriminals.