Staff Duress Systems

Imagine if your employees had a discrete way to request assistance whenever they felt trouble was brewing. Giving your employees this capability will help them defuse volatile situations before they erupt into violent acts. The preemptive capabilities of our system provides a lifeline that gives workers comfort that they will never be alone. Help is just a click away. And if faced with an emergency, they’ll have a reliable way to alert the security team of their exact location.

Protect Your Doctors & Nurses From Workplace Violence

The number of attacks and threats of violence against doctors and nurses is on the rise. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare workers are five times more likely to be injured by workplace violence than other workers. Workplace violence affects the physical and mental health of your staff. When your staff feels vulnerable it can affect other staff, patients, and the bottom line. 

Stop Workplace Violence In Its Tracks


Create peace of mind for your staff knowing that help is always a click of a button away. By providing discrete requests for immediate assistance your support staff are confident they always have a lifeline available if needed. 

8 Benefits of Staff Duress Systems

Lower Employee Turnover
Feeling unsafe at work is a leading cause of turnover. Turnover is bad for employee morale and is very costly.
Improve Staff Productivity
When people are concerned about their safety, they become less happy. Less happy employees are not as productive as happy employees.
Reduce Workplace Errors
When people don’t feel safe, they are stressed. When people are experiencing stress, they are much more likely to make costly mistakes or errors.
Easier to Attract New Employees
The reputation of your healthcare facility is vital to attracting new employees. Incidents of workplace violence impede hiring, especially if you aren’t taking steps to prevent workplace violence.
Reduce Workers’ Compensation Claims & Insurance Premium
Fewer incidents of workplace violence mean fewer workers’ compensation claims. Fewer claims improve your rating and will lower your insurance premiums.
Save Time & Money Defending Lawsuits
Workplace violence inevitably leads to lawsuits. Lawsuits are costly and time-consuming, even if you successfully defend your case.
Reduce Damage to Equipment & Your Facility
Scuffles and altercations often cause damage to expensive equipment. These incidents may also result in damage to walls, doors, and windows which must be replaced or repaired
Save Money on Per Diem Replacements
When your full-time employees are out due to injury, you’re forced to fill those gaps with temporary replacements or pay overtime. Either option is expensive.

How We can Help


Get Clarity Out of Complexity

Protecting staff from workplace violence can be a complex task. Every system is different and picking the wrong one could have serious consequences for your staff. Our team of Staff Duress Specialists has years of experience working with organizations to protect their staff, and can make sure you use the best options for your use case.  


Experienced & Manufacturer Certified

Your staff duress system is a life safety system. It’s protecting your staff, which means there’s no room for failure. That’s why it’s important that everything is carefully mapped out.  Our design team will meticulously detail where and how each device will be mounted and connected. 


Licensed & Insured

Soup to nuts installation. All work is done by our in-house cabling team, and IoT Specialists. Our team takes great pride in their work and is committed to doing things the right way.


The support you need when you need it.

Our Long Island based support team will provide comprehensive training and ongoing support for your staff duress system. To facilitate efficient adds, moves, and changes, we stock a wide variety of components at our Hauppauge, Long Island facility.