Security Camera Systems Installation

Video surveillance systems and security cameras allow you to keep a watchful eye on your business. Their presence creates a safer and more secure facility.

Prevent vandalism, theft and loss

Modern access control systems make it easy for you to grant or take away access with a click of your mouse. You can easily control who, when, and where employees can go in your facility. Eliminating worrying about unauthorized access to your business. In the past, when an employee leaves you might need to change your locks due to the possibility of duplicates or if they don’t hand in their keys. Access control systems eliminate this issue by removing access digitally. 

Explore the Benefits of Security Cameras

Workplace Safety
Security cameras throughout your facility create a safer workplace. Whether you're monitoring your parking lot, elevators, or other public areas your employees will feel safer knowing that cameras are keeping a watchful eye and deterring workplace violence.
Prevents Crime
Security cameras make it much less likely criminals will target your facility. Studies show if you are being watched or recorded you are much less likely to commit a crime.
Protection Against Lawsuits
Security camera footage is a great source of evidence when defending yourself from a lawsuit. Cameras can provide indisputable video and audio evidence. The evidence provided by security cameras is indisputable.
Curbs Sexual Harassment
Security cameras are a deterrent to harassment and other inappropriate behavior.
Helps Law Enforcement
Video surveillance footage is one of law enforcement's best tools to investigate crimes against property or people.
Prevents Shoplifting & Theft
Security cameras watch over employees, customers, and visitors, deterring them from stealing.
Deters Vandalism
Eliminate property damage by deterring acts of vandalism. It's a great way to deter people from using your dumpster or illegally dumping on your property.

How We Can Help


Get Clarity from Complexity

It’s important that before you select a security camera system you understand your options. Our team of Security Camera System Specialists will help you choose a solution that performs well in your environment and will scale as your facility evolves. 


Experienced & Manufacturer Certified

Your security camera system will touch every corner of your facility. That’s why it’s important that everything is carefully mapped out. Our design team will meticulously detail where and how each camera will be mounted and connected. This ensures there won’t be any coverage issues once the system is installed. 


Licensed & Insured

Soup to nuts security camera system installation. All work is done by our in-house team of electricians, craftsman, and IoT specialists. Our installation team takes great pride in their work and is committed to doing things the right way.


The support you need when you need it.

Our Long Island based support team will provide comprehensive training and ongoing support for your security camera system. To facilitate efficient adds, moves, and changes, we stock a wide variety of components at our Hauppauge, Long Island facility.