Intelligent Lighting

Traditional office lighting fixtures use fluorescent bulbs and require AC power. Modern fixtures come in a few varieties. The basic fixtures simply replace the fluorescent bulbs with LEDs. This is great for saving energy, but these devices are still unintelligent because they are not connected. The magic happens when you add an Ethernet port (the same way you connect your desktop computer to your network). The connection will give you the ability to control your lighting fixtures using software. Some fixtures go one step further by allowing you to power the fixtures over the Ethernet cable, eliminating the need to run costly AC power to each fixture.
Modern fixtures cost a little bit more than traditional fixtures, but the return on your investment will be quick. In most cases less than one year. The cost savings come from much lower energy bills and lower maintenance costs. Imagine never having to replace bulbs or ballasts again. Additionally, there are many features that allow for better control of when lights turn on and off, and you will be able to use color and intensity variations (human-centric lighting) to improve the work environment of your employees.