Protect Your Facility with Automated Fever Detection

The unprecedented nature of COVID-19 requires organizations to do their part in ensuring the safety of their employees and visitors. Fever detection is one way to protect your facility. However, manually taking temperatures is a time-consuming and costly task. Our systems can automate that process.

Explore the Benefits of Fever Detection

Regulatory Compliance
Fever detection is mandatory in many jurisdictions for certain types of businesses. Avoid fines and other penalties.
Keep Sick People Out of Your Facility
Fever screening deters people with fevers from going to your facility. If people know they will be screened for fevers and denied access if they have one, they will stay home.
Safety is Good for Business
Send a signal to employees, customers, and visitors that your facility is safe. They’ll feel better about entering your facility, knowing that you are screening for fevers
Reduce Employee Sick Days
People with fevers should not come to work. If they do, there’s a good chance other people will get sick. Stop the spread of infection amongst your employees.
Be a Good Corporate Citizen
Show the world you’re doing your part to protect public health by scanning people for fever and enforcing no fever policies.


Fever Detection Kiosk

For scanning one person at a time.


Mass Fever Detection Camera

For scanning groups of people entering your facility.