High Speed, Secure, Reliable Cabling

The quality of the Cabling used to connect your devices is more important than you might think. Done correctly, you’ll get many years of problem-free usage. Done incorrectly, you’ll have gremlins lurking within your systems that have the potential to cause problems down the road. Flexible is not a company that just pulls cables. We design and install computer networks, building management systems, and safety and security systems. Flexible IoT Solutions has a dedicated team of vendor-certified cabling specialists with decades of experience.

Invest in Your Future with Structured Data Cabling

As technology constantly evolves, it is extremely important to have the proper infrastructure to allow your business to grow. Flexible IoT Specialists are up to date with the latest trends and technology as they are released. By working with one of our specialists you will understand the different options available and the benefits associated with the solutions provided to allow your business to grow without any hurdles.

Get Rid of Messy and Unwanted Cables

Is the amount of tangled cables running throughout your office bothering you? Within your office you could have cables to support video, voice, data transmission, and much more. Flexible IoT knows the importance of having clean cable runs though out your office. Structured cabling has many advantages over a mess of cables including looking better and being able to easily maintain and expand over time. 

Our Services

Many facility upgrades require new cabling during the installation, this is why we have our own dedicated team of cabling specialists ready to install quality cable the right way, the first time.

Why Us

Experienced, Certified, Licensed 

Our team has the ability to design and professionally install any commercial cabling or electric project. Of course, we do new work, but our specialty is doing projects inside an operating commercial space. From single runs to multi-floor projects, we’ll get the job done correctly, neatly, and with minimal interruption to your business.
As a structured cable coordinator I have to be in the field for every aspect of the job; however, with Flexible I can be assured all is well if I cannot make a site visit. Tremendous weight off my shoulders when they are on the job.​
Michele C. Gerena​
Catholic Health Services of Long Island