Access Control Systems

Traditional locks and keys have been the standard technology for protecting property for centuries. If your business is still using them, you’re missing an opportunity to take advantage of the many benefits of modern access control systems. We help businesses on Long Island implement and maintain their access control systems.

Explore the Benefits of Access Control

Better Access for Employees
Modern access control systems make it easy for you to grant or take away access with a click of your mouse. You can easily control who, when, and where employees can go in your facility.
Get Rid of Traditional Keys
Managing physical locks and keys is an arduous task. At the end of the day you never seem to know who has a key, where a particular key is, or if your secure areas are really secure. Modern access control systems eliminate all the hassles of locks and keys.
Save Money
When someone leaves your company, you won't have to rekey locks and distribute new keys to your employees. This saves you time and money. There's also the potential to save money on energy bills by integrating with lighting and HVAC systems.
Track When People Come & Go
As people use their access cards, data is recorded and can be used for reporting purposes as needed.
Control Access by Time of Day
Set schedules so that employees only have access on specific days or times.
IT Identity Authentication
Use access cards as a method of authentication for computers and other IT assets.
Workplace Safety
Access control systems can keep your employees safe in case of an emergency. Traditional locks can be unsafe during a fire or other emergencies such as a lockdown.
Scales Across Multiple Facilities
Easily customize and implement access permissions across multiple facilities. Allows your employees to efficiently move freely between all of your locations and only access areas you designate.
Regulatory Compliance
Many regulations require restrictions to information access, whether electronic or physical. Modern access control prevents access to IT infrastructure or areas where information that must be protected is stored.

How We can Help


Get Clarity from Complexity

It’s important that before you select a system you understand your options. Our team of Access Control Specialists will help you zero in on a solution that will meet your current needs and grow with you as your requirements evolve.  Our team understands building code requirements on Long Island and is licensed in Nassau and Suffolk county.


Experienced & Manufacturer Certified

Your access control system will touch every corner of your building. That’s why it’s important that everything is carefully mapped out. Our design team will carefully plan where each device will be installed and connected.


Licensed & Insured

Soup to nuts installation. All work is done by our in-house team of electricians, locksmiths, and IoT Specialists. Our Long Island based installation team takes great pride in their work and is committed to doing things the right way.


The support you need when you need it.

Our Long Island based support team will provide comprehensive training and ongoing support for your access control system. To facilitate efficient adds, moves, and changes, we stock a wide variety of components at our Hauppauge, Long Island facility.